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Each website project is unique because each company or person has a specific goal (or goals) to achieve: get more clients, or generate more leads, or start selling online. Let’s discuss a little bit more what do you have in mind: 514 571 9181

Why we must have a blog?

A blog is a valuable tool for your customers and for search engines. Publishing text in a while, show to search engines your website is “alive” and has interesting and relevant content for your target.  

hi use WordPress and not wix or other platforms?

WordPress powers around 1/3 of all websites on the Internet! There is an army of developers and designers working on plugins, themes, and tools to make this CMS interesting and the best one available. Having your website on WordPress helps your SEO with search engines and companies like Disney and Mercedes trust WP as well.  

can I administrate my website by myself?

Of course, you can! If you don’t want a maintenance plan, I can teach during g a one hour call how to upload content to your blog, change your images, and upload texts. For an online store, I can teach you how to add products, increase your prices or rates, and generate sales reports. 

why i need a website in 2021?

Having a website with your own domain transmits to your client more credibility and professionalism. With your own website, your business will be indexed on Google and you can get more customers. In the case of an online shop, clients are most intend do buy if you have your own website with a professional look. 

Do you offer custom blog content?

Sure, I work with professionals who can write texts for you, and I also work with producers to get for your site professional videos or photos to help you sell more. 

do you have maintenance plans?

Sure I do, I can upload your content and update plugins and themes wherever it is necessary. Just let me know what you need and I send you prices and advantages. 

what plugins do your have for stores?

I work with WooCommerce because of the full integration and customization with WordPress and Divi. You as a user or administrator can easily add products, changing prices or ship methods, and much more. 

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