4 ways to make money with your small business website.

Have you ever considered having a website for your small business, but you keep thinking: Why and how is this going to be useful for my company?

Here I will give you the 4 most important ways you can make money with your own website:

  1. A well-designed overlay popup to get current visitors’ emails.

Having a well-built overlay popup on your landing page can help you build a client database. After some seconds on your page, an overlay can be set up to open and demand the client’s name and email (or telephone) in order to continue visiting your page. Of course, your visitors have the option to close it and continue navigation but guess what: if they like your page and your products (or services) they will be more than happy to give you their contact information in order to receive promotions or more details about what you are selling.

If you sell services, as a lawyer or a therapist, you can offer a free ebook with some pieces of advice in exchange for their email or any other contact details you find important. Remember: data is the new oil, so think about the importance of building a customer database.

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  1. Sell online on your own e-store.

During these weird COVID-19 times, selling online can save your business from bankruptcy. People were forced in a way to discover the facility and pleasure to buy online, and you can be sure that even after the pandemic ends, this habit will stay.

When you choose to sell through your own store, it helps build your brand stronger and consumers perceive your business as a serious one that can be trusted.

You might say: “Why do I have to pay for my own store if I can sell on Amazon?” Well, Amazon will charge you an amount on each sale you make, which can be more expensive in the long run than pay once for your store. Basically, it is not the most important point: when you sell on Amazon you are consolidating THEIR brand, not yours. Amazon is a powerful distribution center, don’t get me wrong; I personally buy books and electronics accessories from them, but if you aren’t selling worldwide, maybe you are not taking advantage of its full potential. With your own store using the WooCommerce plugin, you can keep all your profits while building and consolidating your branding. As with all e-commerce plugins or software, you will just pay fees for the financial operator you choose for credit or debit card transactions.

Remember: building a strong brand is the most important key to success in the medium and long term, no matter how unique and awesome your product or service is.

  1. Online meetings: why not integrate Zoom or another app of this kind on your website?

We are all doing online meetings during the pandemic, even doctors. Why not integrate Zoom or another app of this kind on your own website, and give your meetings a more professional look?

If you do not do lots of online meetings, a chatbot can be something interesting to consider as well. Not everyone enjoys being in front of the camera and chatbots allow you to be in contact with this kind of client. With a Zoom integration or a chatbot, you can boost your visitor statistics and reduce your bounce rate, while visitors are online.

  1. Online bookings and payments.

Giving your clients or patients the possibility to book an appointment online is an amazing feature to add to your website, especially if you are a lawyer, a teacher, a therapist, or a coach. You do not have to manage gaps in your schedule and your customers will be happier to choose their preferable time. Also, you can offer the possibility to pay for your time in advance online.

payment tools. You can manage financial transactions easily while avoiding some unpleasant conversations about money.

Hope you enjoy integrating these key features on your future or existing website. They can boost your earnings and help you build a stronger brand. If you have any questions about which one is the best to serve your customers or how they can be good for your business, please call me for a free consultation (or write me) and it will be a pleasure of mine to answer your questions.