Hiring a local freelancer for the best experience

The majority of web design firms offer their services entirely remotely, so many times they outsource website development anywhere in the world, specially to India. Outsourcing the creation of a site to organizations based anywhere in the world is good to reduce costs, but once you need to fix a bug, update something on your page or talk to someone, the “money saved” dream can easily become a nightmare. There is no substitute for being able to engage with experts who operate within easy reach, rather than being cloistered overseas.

This is where I can come into play: you can reach me by phone anytime, or WhatsApp or Zoom. I really like to talk to people; if you prefer to send me an email, I will answer in 12hours max. I help your website administration be nice and easy, not a horrifying experience. You will also have more confidence and trust in a designer that you can visit in person, which should allay any fears you might have, while also allowing you to optimize your local marketing impact and SEO.

Check portfolios and compare platforms

Web designers should have examples of their work available for you to examine before you commit to a contract with them. Checking out their portfolios of past site builds will let you establish whether or not they have the skills you are seeking.

It is a good idea to find a designer that is an appropriate match for your own aesthetic ambitions for your site. Or who is at least willing to take on board your requests and suggestions so that the project can be stewarded successfully, rather than running into problems further down the line.

One thing I particularly enjoy doing is research. When I talk to a client about a project, I always look at clients’ competitors to see what they do. This way, I can think about something that will make my client stand out from the competition. I enjoy creating my designs from scratch, during research to fit my clients needs.

When you are doing a comparison between web designers, also is important to check for a system where you or someone in your team can handle some of the updates to reduce costs. I work with WordPress because it is a simple system and clients can upload blog posts, change photos or prices by themselves (if they want) and this way reduces costs on maintenance. 

Compare pricing carefully

It pays to have a realistic idea of the budget you have available for your website project, as well as a sense of how much the designers in your region will charge to complete it.

This is where comparison is a powerful ally, since by getting quotes from several freelancers you will be able to work out which one offers the best value for money.

Also, remember that websites may have a one-off cost for the basic design and development, but there are also ongoing expenses to take into account, such as updates, bug fixes, and hosting fees. I am able to handle all of this. Which of course means that our relationship will persist, placing even more significance on your decision. You don’t have to worry about who you gonna call to get this fix, or change that, or upgrade those: I will handle everything for you and you can focus on what you do best: run your business.

Think about your time schedule

It is likely that you will want your latest website project to be completed within a set timeframe, many times the fastest possible… in which case your designer should be capable of giving you an idea about whether or not your expectations are realistic and how they can help you to hit deadlines.

If you are concerned about the time management skills of a prospective designer, ask them to outline the approaches they take to sticking to a schedule and request assurances accordingly.

Most importantly, look for a designer that is responsive and communicative, so that you can have an open dialogue throughout. This should smooth over any speed bumps you encounter on the way.

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