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In this blog post, we’ll discuss the importance of good web design and major reasons to choose Rodrigo Designer – the best WordPress web designer in Montreal. 

In today’s internet world, the online image of a business matters a lot. When you have a great online reputation, you get more customers who are interested in working with you. And as we all know, having more customers means more profit and success.  A lot goes into developing an impeccable business name in the online sphere. You need to have a solid social media presence, an SEO-enriched blog section, and the most important of all – a user-friendly website! 

Many small businesses struggle with making a long-lasting impression on their online customers. They come and go like the wind, meaning they stay for a short while, which is a pity as well as a big loss for a company that may be aiming to turn their brand into a household name. To start things off on a positive note, small firms should focus on developing a personalized website. Continue reading this post to learn the importance of good web design and reasons to choose Rodrigo Designer – the best WordPress web designer in Montreal. 

Why Is Web Design Important? 

Every small business should consider designing or redesigning their website to ensure their business takes off smoothly. Your website essentially serves as a get-to-know-me-and-my-brand platform for your target market. Navigating different sections of your website allows your potential customers to understand who you are, what you do, and how you can help them, and much more. Another reason why web designing is so important is because it aids in your SEO strategy. A well-designed website will crawl up on the Google page, making your website more visible and reachable for your audience. 

Having a simple and straightforward website allows your potential customers to feel happy and welcomed. One of the common mistakes that businesses make is that they develop an extremely intricate and complicated website. They may do that in the hope of impressing their audiences but end up exhausting them because honestly, nobody likes to feel lost. In the end, the overall design of your website will serve as the digital face of your business. The way you will design it will speak volumes about your brand’s personality, which is why it’s so important to make your web design bright, modern, and interactive! 

Why Choose Rodrigo Designer – the Best WordPress Web Designer in Montreal?

To cover the basics first, Rodrigo Designer is a well-known WordPress Web designer in Montreal, aiding clients – especially small business owners – to generate leads, interact with customers, and successfully sell online products via their website. 

While you may find a plethora of web designers in Montreal, working with Rodrigo will offer you a fun, fuss-free experience. Here are some other major reasons why you should choose Rodrigo Designer – the best WordPress Web Designer in Montreal.

Use WordPress to Build Websites 

Rodrigo creates SEO-driven websites using WordPress, which is easy to use and manage by any computer user. Once your website is created on WordPress, you won’t have to rely on the web designer to make small updates. This is because WordPress allows its users to have a 100% customizable website. So, when working with Rodrigo, you will have the upper hand in your web design process. 

Build Website Based on Your Branding Guidelines

 Rodrigo works strictly adhering to his client’s guidelines, ensuring the website is an accurate representation of their company. His aim is always to choose the font style, size, color, images, etc., according to his client’s perspective and their business’s image. 

Creates Mobile-Optimized Web Design 

The success of a website depends on how responsive it is to its users. Not only should it be easy to load and use on computers and laptops, but easy to access on smartphones and tabloids as well. There is where Rodrigo’s work shines through the most. All of the websites created by Rodrigo are web- and mobile-optimized, which makes it easier and quicker for users to navigate the online platform. 

Provides Excellent Customer Service

Sick of web designers that don’t pick up your phone or answer your emails? Don’t worry! When working with Rodrigo, you can expect a 100% professional attitude. Rodrigo prioritizes his clients and their time the most and ensures a top-class customer service. 

Equipped with excellent customer support, all the emails and phone calls are diligently answered in due time. 


As compared to other web designer agencies in Montreal, Rodrigo is one of the best web designers, offering his services at a reasonable price range. Other than that, the highly-talented designer is known for his website development services that are affordable, too. 

Well-Qualified and Experienced

Rodrigo is a certified graphic designer, Divi Front End developer, and a highly-specialized business expert, having almost 10 years of experience in designing websites for clients across the world. That’s not all. The Montreal-based web designer also holds 15 years of experience working with Adobe products such as Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator. Previously, he has worked in several ad agencies, promotional industry, and marketing companies.

He is fluent in English and French! 

Ensures Satisfactory Customer Experience 

Rodrigo never disappoints. As said earlier, Rodrigo’s main priority is his customers and their needs and demands. He works closely with his clients, discussing their goals first and then designing images, logos, and other important website features accordingly. Rodrigo includes his clients every step of the way to ensure they are happy and satisfied all along! 

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